Ice Cream-Flavored Banana Makes Headlines

This species of banana has the Internet talking, and drooling.


From The Huffington Post to Paste, everyone’s writing about the ice cream banana. Also known as blue java bananas, the tiny fruit variety is receiving mainstream attention thanks to its fluffy consistency, vanilla notes, and stunning frosty, turquoise-teal color. Native to Hawaii, southeast Asia and central America, the ice cream bananas are naturally sweeter than the Ecuadorian variety most common in grocery stores. Revered for its melt-away mouthfeel, blue java bananas are high in potassium and fiber, making them a healthy snack or an ingredient to use in any banana-based ice cream recipe. They’re available in their native markets, but with all the hubbub over this exotic fruit, here’s to hoping blue java bananas may be found soon on the mainland.

Photo courtesy of @justinfrommaui

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