Gasoline Chain Apologizes for Ground Feathers in Vegan Pies

Gasoline Chain Apologizes for Ground Feathers in Vegan Pies

A non-vegan ingredient in one of the chain’s only vegan options was removed after being exposed on Facebook.


Z Energy, a top fuel distributor of automobile gasoline service stations in New Zealand, has responded to complaints after a customer pointed out that its line of popular Mexican vegan pies contained a non-vegan ingredient. One Kiwi responded to an ingredient list posted to Facebook that a pastry dough conditioner known as E920 is often derived from ground poultry feathers. Z Energy soon confirmed that the ingredient was indeed sourced from the animal product and issued an apology. “This was an honest mistake which our bakers have fixed,” the company responded. “While only the tiniest trace of this product was used in our pies—0.0023 percent—we understand the principle here and no future vegan pies, including the ones being baked today, will contain this product. To demonstrate how seriously we take this, a production run of these pies using this ingredient are now being donated to charity rather than sold at Z sites.” In response, scores of vegan customers have taken to the Facebook page to proclaim their support for the company, citing its promptness, honesty, and responsiveness in its attempt to fix the situation. “Good on you guys for being so gracious about an honest mistake,” one said. “Bring on the next batch and more of them! Can’t get enough!” The limited edition handheld pot pie in question—filled with potato, sweetcorn, pumpkin, black beans, fenugreek, and habanero sauce—was the winning recipe in a customer submission competition, and has reportedly sold out in many stores nationwide. “We’ve been really surprised by how this pie has taken off, it’s quite a phenomenon,” Z spokesman Jonathan Hill said earlier in the month.

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