RZA Launches Vegan Leather Wallets

Hip-hop icon to remove all animal products from his men’s fashion brand by 2017.


Legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan member and vegan RZA announced last week that his menswear brand, 36 Chambers, will now sell vegan leather wallets. The bi-fold “Debossed Vegan Leather Wallet”—made with 100-percent animal-free polyurethane leather, and stamped with an ornate dragon pattern—is part of the brand’s “Golden Dragon Rises” collection. In 2014, the hip-hop icon appeared in a video explaining his choice to go vegan. “As far as my peers and people that are related to me, they appreciate my vegan lifestyle … you know, it’s really spreading,” RZA said. In addition to the release of the new vegan wallet, RZA plans to remove all animal products from 36 Chambers by 2017 and is looking into replacing animal leather with pineapple-based vegan material Piñatex.

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