<i>Time</i> Chimes in on Avocado Shortage

Time Chimes in on Avocado Shortage

Vegans’ favorite fruit is more expensive than ever.


A recent feature on Time’s website explained the reasons behind the skyrocketing prices of avocados. Mexican growers have been on strike to demand higher wages, resulting in a sharp decrease of avocados imported from Mexico—down from 40 million pounds normally sent to the US each week, to only 13 million pounds last week. The drought in California—where 80 percent of American-grown avocados are produced—has resulted in a limited supply, which is another factor in contributing to the price hike. Nationwide, the average price per avocado is currently $1.65, which is double the price from April. While produce vendors across the country have substantially increased avocado prices, a spokesperson from chain restaurant Chipotle assured customers that their guacamole prices would remain the same as the company did not incur any supplier disruptions. A report released last month by digital marketing agency Search Laboratory revealed that avocado is the top superfood keyword search on Google nationwide.

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