Vegan Food Products Spike by 257-Percent

Mintel report names plant-based foods as one of the six biggest trends for 2017.


Market intelligence agency Mintel released the 2017 Global Food & Drink Trend report identifying key ingredients, products, and innovative companies driving next year’s top trends. The report is compiled by 60 industry experts whose opinions are corroborated by Mintel’s database of consumer research. The agency identified six top trends, one of which they call “Power to the Plants,” or a significant trend toward plant-based products. “The preference for natural, simple and flexible diets will drive further expansion of vegetarian, vegan and other plant-focused formulations,” the report states. Further, researchers reveal that products with “vegan” claims have increased by 257-percent since their 2010-2011 research period. Mintel identified this trend as “mainstreaming”—or gaining wider traction—in regions such as North America, Europe, Russia, and China. Separate reports have predicted the growth of various plant-based markets—including milk, egg replacer, and meat—making animal-free foods highly valuable investment opportunities in the coming years.