Vegan Model Walks Out on Fur Photoshoot

Ruby Jean Wilson took a stand against cruelty in the fashion industry to set an example for fellow models.


Scotland-born vegan model Ruby Jean Wilson refused to promote fur as part of a recent photoshoot. Wilson—who went vegan one year ago—arrived at the shoot in Sydney, Australia for hair and makeup when she discovered the job would be for a “look book” full of clothing that donned fur. Despite initial hesitation to refuse completing her assignment, Wilson’s ethical beliefs took over and she left the photoshoot to take a stance against fur. “I don’t believe that being in the fashion industry means that you are at the whim of designers or whomever is paying you,” Wilson wrote in a Facebook post. “We have to collaboratively decide what’s not cool anymore.” The 23-year-old is hoping her experience will prompt others to do the same. “I know that if I’d heard of another model saying ‘no,’ it would have made me feel more comfortable to do the same,” Wilson told VegNews. According to Wilson, the fashion industry is slowly moving away from fur—which is evidenced by designers and brands such as Stella McCartney and Armani vowing to keep it out of their fashion lines.

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