Veganuary to Launch Vegan Billboard Campaign in London

Veganuary to Launch Vegan Billboard Campaign in London

London subway riders will be exposed to 2,000 posters encouraging them to go vegan in January.


United Kingdom-based animal-rights organization Veganuary will launch the #LetsMakeLondonVegan billboard campaign on the London subway from December 19 to January 2. The campaign will consist of 2,000 posters depicting three relatable animals—Rocky the Calf, Little Eric the Chick, and Ernie the Piglet—with messages to riders encouraging them to go vegan for the month of January. A report released earlier this year revealed that the vegan population in the UK has grown by 360 percent in the last decade, and Veganuary Marketing Manager Clea Grady says this new campaign will have an impact on London’s increasingly aware population. “Our London Underground adverts remind people of this unnecessary suffering and ask them to try vegan for one month, and discover a new way to eat that is better for them, better for the planet and—of course—better for animals like Rocky, Ernie and Little Eric.” Veganuary was founded in 2014 with the mission of changing public attitudes toward adopting a vegan lifestyle and has since gained increased interest worldwide. The outreach effort boasts 23,000 participants across 142 countries, with 60-percent of participants reporting that they maintain a vegan lifestyle after the initial month-long challenge. Every individual who pledges to go vegan for January in 2017 will receive a free celebrity recipe e-book that features Joaquin Phoenix’s Tabbouleh, Moby’s Strawberry Shortcake, and Madonna’s Sticky Toffee Pudding, amongst others.

Photo courtesy of Veganuary

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