Esther the Wonder Pig Winter Video Goes Viral

Esther the Wonder Pig Winter Video Goes Viral

Short clip of the loveable pig receives more than five million views in less than a week.


A one-minute clip of Esther the Wonder Pig wearing a winter hat gained more than five million views within one week of being posted to social media outlets. The clip features the 650-pound rescued pig dressed in winter clothing contemplating a stroll outside into the snow-covered backyard of her home in Ontario, Canada. Esther—who was supposed to a miniature pig—was adopted by her dads Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter in 2013, and quickly grew to her current size, shocking Jenkins and Walter. They fell in love with Esther and went vegan after connecting the dots and realizing that they were consuming animals similar to her. The couple opened a micro-sanctuary in 2014, Happily Ever Esther, with the aim of rescuing other farmed animals. The loveable Esther now has a massive social media following, released a biographical book this year (written by her dads) entitled Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time, and was named VegNews’ “Person of the Year” in 2014. Research suggests that pigs are highly intelligent animals with distinct personalities and—given the popularity of this video—widely adored on social media.

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