Restaurant Magazine Says Vegan Options Will Boom

Industry magazine Modern Restaurant Management names plant-based proteins the next big trend for restaurants in 2017.


Industry magazine Modern Restaurant Management recently released its predictions for top trends for 2017. Among various predictions in the technology sector, MRM named plant-based protein options at restaurants as a growing trend thanks to the successful launch of Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger, millions of dollars in funding granted to vegan companies such as Hampton Creek and plant-based milk producers Ripple, and the popularity of vegan butchers. “As vegetable protein technology becomes more refined and less costly,” writer Judith Goldstein said, “we are bound to see more and more restaurants using plant based proteins to create meatless ‘meats.”’ Goldstein predicts the industry is “bound to grow” and that vegetable proteins will be more readily available at dining establishments in 2017. MRM’s prediction is corroborated by New York-based consulting company Baum + Whiteman, which published its annual trend report with similar predictions last month.