South Korea's Biggest Dog Meat Market Shuts Down

South Korea’s Biggest Dog Meat Market Shuts Down

Successful activism led by In Defense of Animals results in the closure of the country’s most prolific dog meat market.


The Moran Livestock Association in Seongnam, South Korea—where approximately 80,000 dogs have been killed each year for meat—has agreed to cease the slaughter, confinement, and sale of dogs, as of 10:00 am yesterday. This action comes after an ongoing campaign launched by animal-rights group In Defense of Animals urging the city of Seongnam to stop the brutal dog meat trade at the city’s Moran market. “The closure of Korea’s most infamous dog meat market at Moran deals a significant blow to the heart of the dog meat trade,” IDA President Marilyn Kroplick said. “Moran market has run with the blood of hundreds of thousands of dogs for many years, so this is a step in the right direction in our fight to end the horrific dog meat trade.” While Kroplick said the closure of the market is indeed progress, she also indicated concern that dog meat traders would relocate elsewhere. IDA will therefore continue its life-saving efforts until all dog meat markets are eradicated.

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