First Vegan Mac and Cheese Competition Held in NYC

Inaugural “Vegan Mac Throwdown” featured renowned chefs and innovative entries.

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Last week, New York City’s first vegan mac and cheese competition was held at V Spot Organic in the East Village. Competitors in “The Vegan Mac Throwdown” included Brenda Beener from Seasoned Vegan, Miranda Crespin, and V Spot’s Danny Carabano, who presented offerings such as Miso Sesame Mac, Italian Mac Attack, and Organic White Truffle Mac to a full house and several judges. The winning dish, S’mac N’ Cheese submitted by Crespin, was made with homemade soy milk, smoky mushroom bacon, pecan bread crumbs, and (according to Crespin) “lots of love.” Sponsoring organization US Veg Corp is actively creating a vegan food competition scene in New York City with previous competitive events that featured burgers and tacos and promises to pit competitors against each other using Brussels sprouts at an upcoming event.

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