Hampton Creek Reports 350 Percent Jump in Revenue

Vegan company behind Just Mayo reveals skyrocketing year-end earnings.

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Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick reported that the vegan company’s earnings skyrocketed by 350 percent in 2015. While San Francisco-based Hampton Creek is best known for its eggless Just Mayo product, Tetrick told Foodnavigator-USA, “We’re not going to change the world in a fundamental way just with an [egg-free] mayo.” Hampton Creek produces a range of products and plans to roll out many more, but its Just Mayo has already made an impact on the food system by forcing the hand of Unilever-owned Hellmann’s to create its own egg-free spread in order to compete. Hampton Creek is disrupting America’s reliance on eggs with wide distribution channels of Just Mayo—currently available at Walmart, Target, Costco, and many other major retailers in addition to foodservice company Compass Group which supplies school, university, and corporate cafeterias. Given the company’s victory over the American Egg Board, Unilever, and the US Food and Drug Administration, the fact that all 7-Eleven stores now use Just Mayo in its deli sandwiches along with its astounding investor profile, we’d say that Hampton Creek is having a great year.

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