Actor Danny Trejo Loves Vegan Food

Machete actor discusses the inspiration behind vegan options at his Los Angeles taqueria.


In a recent interview with LAist, Danny Trejo—known for his grisly roles in films such as Machete and From Dusk Till Dawn—revealed the inspiration behind the vegan offerings at his new Los Angeles taqueria Trejo’s Tacos. While Trejo said, “I think it’s against the law for a Mexican to be vegetarian,” the vegan offerings at his restaurant have received much acclaim from customers and media alike. To that end, LAist said, “You’ve become a somewhat of a vegan hero with your tofu taco.” Trejo admitted that he liked vegan food and discussed a recent trip to a Culver City vegetarian restaurant where he ordered a steak salad, about which he exclaimed, “Oh God, it was freaking great.” The actor was motivated to create a restaurant with options for everyone, and his Black Pepper Tofu Taco—made with organic fried tofu, Serrano chilies, scallions, cilantro, and served in a handmade corn tortilla with a plethora of vegan-friendly salsas and sides—has been a driving force behind the restaurant’s widespread media coverage.

Photo courtesy of PETA

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