Los Angeles Times Names Top Vegan Ice Cream and Fro-Yo

Southern California businesses doling out creamy frozen treats get a shoutout.


The Los Angeles Times recently named some of the best places in Los Angeles for dairy-free ice cream and frozen yogurt. Mentioned are some the city’s renowned vegan eateries—including chef Tal Ronnen’s Crossroads Kitchen, Moby’s Silver Lake Little Pine restaurant, and vegan Mexican eatery Gracias Madre—as makers of stellar vegan desserts, but Glendale’s Yoga-Urt gets top mention for purveying a full vegan “fro-yo experience.” Touting yogurt crafted from housemade nut milk and a “texture similar to regular soft-serve … only creamier,” the newspaper recommends dried mulberry- and vegan gummy bear-loaded banana splits. Kippy’s organic non-dairy ice cream shop in Venice gets a mention for its raw, coconut cream-based desserts that are “thick and smooth … not icy,” and for its vegan flavors sweetened with dates, while Milky’s Frozen Yogurt rounds out the list for delivering a frozen Reese’s peanut butter cup-like soy treat and clearly labeled vegan toppings. Vegan ice cream and frozen yogurt options have been steadily rising with customer demand in recent years, with iconic brand Ben & Jerry’s introducing an all-vegan line earlier this year.

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