9 Best Vegan Oreo Hacks on Instagram

9 Best Vegan Oreo Hacks on Instagram

From cheesecakes to smoothies to deep-fried delights, there’s no Oreo iteration we won’t try.


We’ve been known to dunk a stack of Oreos into a frosty glass of nut-based milk on a lazy afternoon. And more often than not, these lazy afternoons quickly transform into a barrage of ideas in which we ask ourselves how we can make this delectable combo even tastier. Luckily, we can stop thinking about chopping, blending, and baking our favorite accidentally vegan cookies because social media site Instagram already provides a stream of inspiration for Oreo-based treats. Check out these 10 delicious vegan Oreo-inspired posts to up your cookie-and-milk game!

A photo posted by Elle Howard (@ellhoward) on Mar 21, 2016 at 6:09pm PDT

1. @ellhoward owns the vegan-friendly café All-Time Coffee in Queensland, Australia and when she’s not soaking up the sun, she’s creating fluffy, sweet spectacles such as these Oreo crème vegan doughnuts.

A photo posted by Corinna (@naturally.c) on Mar 20, 2016 at 9:05am PDT

2. @naturally.c made a towering creative cake with vegan chocolate drizzle, chocolate shavings, cookies and cream frosting, and mini Oreos for a friend’s birthday. Did we mention our birthday is right around the corner?

Vegan Oreo cheesecakes! 😍🍰

A photo posted by Calm Mind Busy Body (@calmmindbusybody) on May 9, 2016 at 11:54am PDT

3. These bite-sized chunky cheesecakes from @calmmindbusybody are an indulgent, poppable bite of crunchy cookies and smooth vegan cheesecake atop a dense nutty crust. We’ll take 20.

4. What @vegfitsh’s sandwich lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in simple ingenuity. Oreos, vegan caramel spread, and two hearty pieces of bread? It’s a hilarious, no-frills entrée that doesn’t take itself too seriously (evidenced by the #eatclean #fitnessgirl #healthylifestyle hashtags), and we love it.

5. @Bongo_bars is a new company from British Columbia making dairy-free novelties out of Thai coconut milk, Belgian dark chocolate, and organic coconut oil (that chocolate shell!). Throw some blended Oreos into the mix, and you’ve got one stunner of a vegan treat.

6. Vegan bakery @nomnom makes neat and petite baked goods at their all-vegan facility in Austria. This classic, brown-edged Oreo cheesecake is a sight for sore eyes … but we still wouldn’t mind digging in.


7. @nataly_berry knows life can’t be all decadent desserts, which explains why her morning smoothie bowl—full of berries, apples, oranges, and currants—is topped with granola and cashews, and a few crushed Oreos for good measure.

Strawberry Cookies ‘n Cream today! #dailyspecial

A photo posted by Cinnaholic (@cinnaholic) on Mar 12, 2016 at 11:16am PST

8. There’s a reason why Berkeley, CA-based cinnamon roll bakery @cinnaholic was such a hit on Shark Tank (and recently announced nine new locations), and this Strawberry Cookies ‘n Cream roll has something to do with it.

9. @liwa_food’s chocoholic serving looks like a show-stopping milkshake, but, really, it’s just nice cream—frozen blended bananas with cocoa. Think of it as a smoothie, sip guilt-free, and let your troubles melt away before your drink has a chance to.

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