Public to Vote for Celebrity Baby Goat Name

Public to Vote for Celebrity Baby Goat Name

Internet world will decide on celebrity name of newborn baby goat at Canadian sanctuary to help raise awareness of animal rights.


Ontario-based Wishing Well Sanctuary recently welcomed a newborn African Pygmy goat to its family of 70 rescued farmed animals. With the hopes of gaining attention for sanctuaries and the plight of farmed animals, Wishing Well is asking the public for help in naming the goat after a famous compassionate male celebrity (including the likes of Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Liam Hemsworth). “This contest is a fun way for the public to help name ‘our’ baby goat, while raising awareness about the importance of having compassion for all animals,” founder Brenda Bronfman said. The sanctuary is also hosting an “online baby shower” to raise funds for items such as shelter, veterinary care, toys, and even a “baby goat coat” for the newborn, who will spend his life living alongside his rescued mother Sadie and aunt Patchouli. We think Joaquin “the goat” Phoenix has a nice ring to it. Voting ends June 29.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Henry

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