Vegan Shoes Profiled on <i>Forbes</i>

Vegan Shoes Profiled on Forbes

Susi Studio’s line of recycled footwear highlighted for sustainability and style.


Vegan footwear company Susi Studio was recently featured on Forbes for its line of sustainable shoes “stylish enough for red carpets.” The Los Angeles-based brand makes its products using natural fibers such as canvas and hemp, and recycled polyurethane made from old plastic bottles. “You can live a fulfilling and stylish life without partaking in inhumane practices,” founder Bianca Moran said. “Our cruelty-free mission embraces how we interact with the planet by eliminating the use of animal-derived materials in our collections including, though not limited to, leather, suede, wool, and fur.” Moran—who opened the first gluten-free, vegan eatery in the Philippines—said her woman-owned and –operated company faces a lot of challenges, but is well-equipped to rise to them. “The biggest challenge is breaking stereotypes of what vegan footwear is or can be,” Moran said. “For decades, consumers have pictured vegan shoes as awkward, ugly sandals—that it can’t be stylish or trendy. We’re ready to prove them wrong with our contemporary and versatile designs.” Susi Studio’s designs are available now for purchase and range from $165 to $195.

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