Vegan Shoe Company Turns Profit in Brazil Despite Recession

Vegan Shoe Company Turns Profit in Brazil Despite Recession

Eco-minded company stands up to Brazilian leather industry through environmental advocacy and one-of-a-kind shoes.


Brazil-based vegan company Insecta Shoes reported a profit of one million reais ($300,000) last year despite continuing national recession and competition from the country’s leather industry. The mission-driven company uses recycled vintage clothing and plastic bottles to create one-of-a-kind shoes. “It’s hard for us sometimes to compete with the leather products, especially because Brazil is very known for leather and meat production,” Insecta Shoes co-founder Barbara Mattivy said. To promote their vegan shoes, Mattivy lectures at local schools about how animal agriculture and the leather industry are toxic to the environment. “Our mission as a brand is to bring awareness [about] these discussions to the public,” Mattivy said. “It’s not just selling shoes.”

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