Ellie Goulding Speaks Out Against Meat

Ellie Goulding Speaks Out Against Meat

Popstar urges fans to “sack off meat.”


Quadruple platinum British-born singer Ellie Goulding reveals her reasons for giving up meat. “Meat is very hard to digest,” Goulding says in a new video, adding, “it was also something that was once alive and was living flesh.” Goulding speaks to the fact that the taste of meat is mostly derived from the plant-based flavoring it is cooked with and says, “you can basically dress something up the way you dress up meat and get the same thing.” The 29-year-old singer urges her fans to “just sack off meat,” and states, “we owe it to the planet.” Goulding was a long time vegetarian who recently adopted a vegan diet, a change she says has improved her health tremendously.

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