Moby to Release New Album That Speaks Up for Animals

Moby to Release New Album That Speaks Up for Animals

“These Systems are Failing” includes songs about factory farming over electronic beats.


The newest album from acclaimed vegan musician Moby, “These Systems are Failing,” is set to be released October 14—and will use electropop and evocative lyrics as a vehicle to create awareness about the plight of animals. Marking his debut with Moby & The Void Pacific Choir, the album will consist of nine tracks, including “Don’t Leave Me”—which Moby released in August along with a video featuring snippets from undercover investigations conducted by animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals (MFA). In the promotional video for the album, Moby drags a microphone across city concrete into a forest and states, “These systems are failing,” then displays images of deforestation, over-consumption, political issues, and factory farming—all set to the lyrics “We don’t trust you anymore” looped over powerful electronic beats. The celebrated activist announced his only live musical performance this year will be at the Circle V festival on October 23 in Los Angeles, an event he is organizing to promote veganism through music. Extending his advocacy into the restaurant sphere, last year Moby opened vegan eatery Little Pine, also in Los Angeles—at which all of the profits are being donated to animal charities. The musician has been vegan for nearly 30 years, “Simply because,” he says, “I couldn’t in good conscience be involved in anything that caused or contributed to animal suffering.”

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