Sacramento Goes Meatless for Paul McCartney

California’s capital ditches meat on Mondays, adds veg options at music venue, and challenges local chefs to go vegan.


Thanks to the arrival of Sir Paul McCartney—a longtime vegetarian who infamously said “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian”—California state capital Sacramento is making strides toward veganism. On Tuesday, the city officially passed a resolution declaring that in honor of McCartney, they would support the Meatless Monday campaign by encouraging residents to opt for meat-free meals. The impetus for these efforts is a McCartney concert being held for two nights this weekend at venue Golden 1 Center, enticing the mayor’s office to concoct a way to honor the legendary musician and longstanding animal advocate. “It’s super cool that this city isn’t just giving [McCartney] a swag bag,” Chief of Staff to the mayor Crystal Strait says. “We’re doing something to celebrate something that is important to him.” In addition to meatless options being offered by the Golden 1 Center during McCartney’s concerts, throughout the month of October, 22 local restaurants will create meatless dishes in tribute to the musician. Sacramento will also celebrate its sixth annual Vegan Chef Challenge starting October 1, with 23 restaurants already on board to offer specialty vegan appetizers, entrees, and desserts all month long.