Vegan Pulled Pork Startup Bought Out

Vegan Pulled Pork Startup Bought Out

Finnish food company Paulig acquired 51 percent of meat-alternative company Gold&Green Foods to push its oat and broad bean-based products to new markets.


Finnish food company Paulig recently purchased a 51-percent majority share of vegan meat alternative company Gold&Green Foods (GGF). The vegan Helsinki-based technology start-up initially received $327,000 in its first round of investments to create a pulled pork-like meat alternative comprised of oats and broad beans. “We currently have annual sales of two million euros ($2.23 million), but the demand only in Finland is 20 times bigger,” co-founder Maija Itkonen said. While Paulig disclosed it will continue to allow GGF to operate independently, its intent in acquiring the company is to bring it to new markets internationally. Similarly, French dairy company Danone recently acquired Whitewave Foods Co.—umbrella company of dairy-alternative brands such as Silk and So Delicious—in an effort to globalize their plant-based platform.

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