Australia Gets Its First Vegan Ice Cream Truck

Over the Moo will hit the streets of Sydney to serve coconut-based ice cream sundaes and cones.


This March, Australia will get its first ever vegan ice cream truck. Ice cream company Over the Moo—whose products where previously only available to consumers in retail pints—will hit the streets of Sydney in a restored 1981 truck to serve coconut-based ice cream in the form of sundaes and cones. The company currently offers nine creative flavors—such as Ginger Ninja Karate Choc, Matcha Made in Heaven, and I Fell for Caramel—and once the truck launches, will also offer toppings such as chocolate-covered pretzels, brownie chunks, and sprinkles. Over the Moo was founded in 2015 by Alex Housman, and the company’s pints are currently offered at popular chain Woolworth’s, in addition to 210 independent retailers across Australia. The growth of veganism in Australia was recently documented by a Google Trends report that revealed that “vegan” was the most searched dietary term on the continent in 2016.

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