Gifting flowers is one of the easiest ways to convey gratitude, affection, and love. For any occasion, whether you opt for fresh bouquets from the farmers’ market or decide to transform your backyard into a blooming oasis, flowers have the power to brighten up the holiday and your home. So why not spruce up the pantry with florals, too? VegNews editors searched far and wide for the best flower-infused products, and these are eight of our favorites.

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1 Spicy Cacao Sex Tonic by Rasa

This isn’t your grandmother’s hot chocolate. When a sultry Spotify playlist and the promise of oil massages aren’t enough to get the fun going, tap into the power of Rasa’s sex tonic. These sensual sips combine cacao with rose petals to nourish the heart while ginger, cayenne, and stress-reducing adaptogens increase blood flow and make it easy to leave your worries at the bedroom door. Sip up, the fun starts now.
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2 Lavender Cashew Cheese by Vtopian

Wellness gurus have long touted the healing properties of lavender oil—from easing anxiety to fighting insomnia. But if aromatherapy isn’t for you, look no further than this umami-rich lavender-infused cheese. Dotted with pink peppercorns, this Oregon-made cashew wedge melds chickpea miso, Himalayan pink salt, nutritional yeast, and a sprinkle of dried lavender buds for a mild, floral cheese you’ll keep coming back to.
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VegNews.FlouwerCrackersFlouwer Co.

3 Edible Flower Crackers by Flouwer Co.

If there’s one adage we live by, it’s that you eat with your eyes first. And with these artisanal, small-batch crackers, your senses are sure to be well-fed. Organic dill, woodsy rosemary, aromatic chives, and a sprinkle of sea salt make these crisps studded with golden marigolds, mauve chive blossoms, and blue cornflowers the star of any vegan charcuterie board.
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VegNews.Blooming Lollipops by Amborella OrganicsAmborella Organics

4 Blooming Lollipops by Amborella Organics

Why give bae a boring bouquet of roses when you can gift them blooming lollies? These Instagram-ready candies marry fruity flavors with soft and supple flower petals—choose between Peach & Marigold, Green Apple & Chamomile, and Blood Orange & Elder Flower—for a sweet delicacy that’s almost too pretty to eat. Once you’ve polished off this elegant treat, plant the biodegradable stick studded with seeds, and watch it bloom.
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VegNews.KatesRosewaterIceCreamKate’s Ice Cream

5 Rose Water Ice Cream by Kate’s Ice Cream

What do you get when you combine refreshing rose water, creamy coconut, and extra virgin olive oil? Luscious pints of vegan ice cream! In Portland, OR, Kate’s Ice Cream scoop shop combines crunchy almonds, a dash of cardamom for a faint pine flavor with luscious coconut milk ice cream for complex, delicately floral vegan pints you’ll want to scoop onto waffle cones and brownie sundaes.
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6 Hibiscus Ginger Turmeric Hard Seltzer by Amass

Happy hour just got a major upgrade. Surfer Rosso, an adults-only seltzer made by master Los Angeles-based distillers at Amass, expertly blends hibiscus, lemon, lime, and warming spices (think turmeric, ginger, clover, and star anise) for a fizzy libation for even the most sophisticated, cosmopolitan palates. Pungent, fruity, and spicy, this trifecta of flavors made us fall in love at first sip.
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7 Mango Orange Blossom Yogurt by Culina

It’s the quintessential advice we’ve all heard: rise with the sun, and take a moment to smell the roses … or in this case, taste the orange blossoms. Thick and tangy, this coconut-based yogurt is slow-fermented before being infused with the delicate citrus notes of orange blossom, perfectly underscoring extra-sweet mango for spoonfuls guaranteed to get your morning started off right.
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VegNews.AlchemistsJamRosehipJamAlchemist’s Jam

8 Raspberry Cardamom Rosehip Jam by Alchemist’s Jam

Smucker’s, your days are numbered. Boutique jam makers at Alchemist’s Jam harness the ancient magic of alchemy to combine tart raspberries, slightly sweet rosehips, and fruity cardamom, transforming them into a thick, luscious spread. Enjoy on buttery biscuits, toast, or pair with your favorite funky cheese. You’ll thank us later.
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