Miami Meat Smokers Go Vegan for BBQ Throwdown

Miami Meat Smokers Go Vegan for BBQ Throwdown

Barbecue meat experts drop animal products to smoke vegan meats for a friendly competition ahead of vegan Seed Food and Wine Festival.


Several Miami chefs will compete in a vegan BBQ Throwdown today ahead of the plant-based Seed Food and Wine Festival scheduled to start November 2. A highlight of the competition includes chef Andres Barrientos, from meat-centric Miami Meat Smokers, who will compete against chefs from Della Kitchen and Soul Tavern in two categories (judge’s pick and fan favorite). Seed co-founder Alison Burgos told local media outlet that the competition is a way to inspire local chefs to create more plant-based dishes to take advantage of Miami’s burgeoning vegan scene. “When you say Miami,” Burgos said, “five or six years ago you’d think bodybuilders and tanning and cosmetic surgery. And the same thing with the culinary scene. There is a trend here, and there is a movement here that cannot be denied. We’re proud to be part of that.” All proceeds from the event will go to benefit local organization Health in the Hood, which provides access to fresh food in underserved communities.

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