Vegan Desserts Are 329 Percent More Popular on Pinterest

Vegan Desserts Are 329 Percent More Popular on Pinterest

The social media platform released its top 100 trends, and vegan desserts were all the rage.


Social media platform Pinterest last week released its top 100 trends report for 2017 and identified vegan desserts as one of its major trends in 2017—citing an increase of 329 percent in “pins” related to the topic throughout the year. “Desserts can be awesome without animal products,” the report stated. “Just trade coconut oil for butter and flax seeds for eggs.” In addition to vegan desserts, Pinterest reported several other trends that it predicts will cross over into 2018 based on engagement statistics, including plant-based protein (pinned 417 percent more this year) and air fryers—a kitchen appliance that has garnered a 1,890 percent increase in pins. The social media site’s statistics are similar to many recently published year-end reviews, including that of National Restaurant News, which predicted vegan desserts will be the top mega-trend of 2018.

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