Plant-Based Options Revitalize Coffee Creamer Market

New research shows that dairy-free creamer consumption is on the rise, thanks to the clean labels offered by plant-based options.


A new report compiled by consumer research firm Packaged Facts revealed that the consumption of coffee creamers is on the rise thanks to new plant-based products. “After several years of little growth,” the report states, “the refrigerated coffee creamers market is on an upswing, thanks in no small part to newer-generation products that meet the ‘clean label’ criteria for ingredients: fewer, simpler, and pronounceable.” Organic, GMO-free, and vegan labels have contributed to the rise in the newfound popularity of coffee creamers, particular amongst millennials. “This development isn’t merely on-trend,” the report states, “clean labels deliver precisely what today’s consumers seek in coffee creamers.” Large companies have taken notice and are developing dairy alternatives that fit with their customers’ needs, including Nestlé, which recently launched four new vegan creamers under its Coffee-Mate brand.

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