Pret a Manger to Open Second All-Veg Location

Pret a Manger to Open Second All-Veg Location

The success of the chain’s first meatless location in London prompts an expansion in the vegetarian direction … with vegan mac n’ cheese on the menu.


International chain Pret a Manger will open its second vegetarian location in Shoreditch, England on April 4. The company opened its first all-vegetarian restaurant as a temporary pop-up in London last year, and after sales hit unexpected highs, CEO Clive Schlee decided to keep the location open permanently. In a recent blog post, Schlee revealed that restaurant staff at several locations expressed a desire for their shops to go vegetarian and Shoreditch received the bid thanks to high vegetarian sales in the area. “It seems the movement for eating less meat continues to grow,” Schlee said. The Shoreditch location menu will feature 20 new vegetarian recipes including vegan chocolate brownies and vegan mac n’ cheese—an item Schlee said took the company a full year to perfect. Pret a Manger also recently launched a “Not Just for Veggies” campaign—an advertisement that encourages meat-eaters to sample vegetarian menu items—in Hong Kong. “It can be no coincidence that the launch of the campaign has helped our Hong Kong business to enjoy three consecutive weeks of record sales,” Schlee said. In addition to the Shoreditch expansion, Pret a Manger will launch a new vegetarian menu in all of its US locations by the end of April.

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