Super Band DREAMCAR Embarks on Vegan Tour

Super Band DREAMCAR Embarks on Vegan Tour

Bassist and former No Doubt member Tony Kanal and frontman Davey Havok (of AFI fame) want nothing to do with animal products on their band’s nationwide tour.


Band DREAMCAR will embark on a nationwide tour that will be free of animal products next month. The band—referred to as a “supergroup” by some—is comprised of former No Doubt members vegan bassist Tony Kanal, guitarist Tom Dumont, drummer Adrian Young, and AFI member (and vegan) Davey Havok. Kanal revealed that his non-vegan bandmates Dumont and Young have agreed to abstain from meat for the entirety of the tour, and the band will travel in an all vegan tour bus. “It’s an epic rider because it’s a fully vegan dressing room,” Kanal said. “Our bandmates are awesome and they’re cool with it and they are open.” Kanal and Havok met while dining out at vegan establishments in Los Angeles and share similar beliefs when it comes to animal rights. “Dairy and eggs are so cruel, if not crueler, because the suffering is sustained,” Kanal said. “People don’t realize that for a cow to make milk she has to be pregnant, so you do the math—get them pregnant and take away their babies over and over in their lives. It’s emotional suffering, it’s physical suffering—and then they’re slaughtered at the end of it.” Kanal helped organize fellow vegan musician Moby’s Circle V festival in Los Angeles last summer where Havok performed with Blaqk Audio—an electronic music duo he launched with AFI member Jade Puget in 2007. DREAMCAR’s tour kicks off in Washington DC on May 18.

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

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