Couple Could Afford Greek Vacation After Going Vegan

Andrée Pagès and her husband saved $2800 in six months after doing a Thanksgiving-to-Christmas vegan experiment.


Massachusetts resident Andrée Pagès revealed to CNBC that she and her husband saved nearly $2,800 in six months after going vegan. The Pagès first experimented with the idea of dropping animal products from just Thanksgiving to Christmas last year after watching environmental documentary Cowspiracy. During the first few months of adopting a vegan diet, the couple noticed they were spending less on plant-based protein, wasting less food weekly, and becoming more and more motivated to prepare meals at home. Pagès said she spent much less on medication including supplements, probiotics, and ibuprofen for her arthritis—which cleared within one month of going vegan. The couple eventually went vegan long term and spent their newfound savings on two airline tickets from Boston to Athens, local flights to Crete and Rhodes, a one-week car rental (plus one tank of gas), and 12 nights of Airbnb and hotel accommodations. Comparative research has proven that meat-heavy diets are more costly. New online tool Plant-Based on a Budget Meal Plan debuted in March with the mission of debunking the myth that vegan diets are inherently expensive.

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