Whole Foods to Stock Mystery Nut Vegan Yogurt

Newcomer vegan yogurt brand Lavva makes creamy concoctions using the unknown “pili” nut as a dairy-free base.


New vegan yogurt brand Lavva is set to debut its innovative products at Whole Foods Markets (WFM) this fall. The brand utilizes a nut not commonly known in the United States called “pili,” which, according to Vogue, tastes like a plant-based foie gras when cooked. The pili nut is native to the Philippines—where its cultivation is beneficial for soil health—and boasts a number of health benefits. In addition to being a complete protein and having the lowest carbohydrate content of any other nut, the pili nut is high in vitamin E, copper, and manganese, and contains eight essential amino acids. “What’s really exciting about pili yogurt is that it’s vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and probiotic,” WFM’s Senior Coordinator of Global Product Innovation & Development Elly Truesdell said. “As a buyer, you’re always enthusiastic about new products like pili yogurt because it’s offering something completely different and delicious while still appealing to modern nutritional sensibilities.” Plant-based yogurt offerings have increased in recent years, with varieties made from flaxseed, soy, plant-based milk, and a range of nuts (now including the pili) already on the market.

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