Startup Turns Beer Waste into Vegan Barley Milk

New vegan company Canvas aims to turn “spent grain” into “saved grain” by repurposing billions of pounds of beer waste into plant-based milk.


New vegan startup Canvas plans to launch its first products—plant-based beverages made from waste produced by beer breweries—this fall. This week, the company closed its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter at almost double its initial goal of $25,000. Canvas uses “spent grain”—which is high in fiber and plant-based protein—sourced from the beer-making process to create a barley-based milk in five flavors: Original, Cocoa, Cold Brew Latte, Matcha, and Turmeric Chai. “The beverage is a new frontier in sustainable nourishment,” Canvas co-founder Sarah Pool told media outlet Foodnavigator. “Our goal is to turn as much spent grain into ‘saved grain’ as possible to expand access to better nutrition for everyone.” Vegan milk options continue to expand beyond soy with Ripple’s pea-based milk, Veggemo’s potato- and cassava-based beverages, and Swedish import Oatly’s oat-based concoctions.

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