Project Juice Launches Vegan Superfood Waffles

Project Juice Launches Vegan Superfood Waffles

Protein-packed, almond cream cheese-topped vegan waffles debut at California cold-pressed juice shops.


California-based cold-pressed juice shop Project Juice recently launched vegan Paleo Protein Waffles at select locations. The Almond Butter + Banana Waffle is topped with organic banana slices, almond butter, house-made probiotic coconut yogurt, and hemp seeds, while the Berries + Cream Waffle is topped with seasonally available organic berries, almond cream cheese, and toasted almonds (each can be ordered vegan by holding the honey drizzle). “Project Juice’s two new perfectly toasted waffle choices keep with its mission to deliver delicious, balanced nutrition and health-driven concepts to customers,” the company said in a statement. Each gluten-free waffle is made with superfood ingredients such as almonds, flaxseed, chia seeds, and coconut. The brand also sells prepared vegan snacks, meals, plant-based smoothies, and cold-pressed juices, and offers juice cleanse plans.

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