1 in 10 IKEA Shoppers Chose the Vegan Hot Dog in September

After selling 1 million vegan hot dogs in Europe, IKEA Bistros in the United States are buzzing with enthusiasm for the new plant-based option. 


IKEA’s new vegan hot dogs are a big success in the United States, with one out of every 10 customers choosing the plant-based option instead of its meat hot dog. “What we absolutely aim for is to encourage customers to choose the veggie dog over the meat dog—and we also see a reality that that really happens,” IKEA US Food Service Manager Merlijn Crébolder told Fast Company. “We see in our sales figures that we are meeting the needs of our customers that already made the choice of vegan options, but we also see that the classical meat-eater is very willing to try this option, because it’s really a tasty dog.” IKEA first trialed the plant-based hot dog—made from kale, red lentils, quinoa, onion, and carrots, and topped with fried onions and pickled cabbage—in one store in Sweden in February before expanding the offering across Europe, where it sold 1 million vegan hot dogs in one month. IKEA expanded the vegan hot dog (available for $0.75 each) to the United States on September 25 and plans to add vegan soft serve to its bistro menu next summer.

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