Burger Shop VeganBurg Plans to Expand to 300 Locations in California

With locations in Singapore and San Francisco, VeganBurg sets its sights on winning over the rest of California with its plant-based burgers. 


Vegan burger shop VeganBurg announced this week its plans to expand to 300 franchise locations in California. VeganBurg opened its first location in 2010 in Singapore before expanding to San Francisco in 2015. “Southern California has been on the radar since conception,” VeganBurg CEO Alex Tan said. “With an established vegan and cosmopolitan culture and their hunger for emerging sustainable brands, we anticipate this to be a booming market for us.” The brand will attend trade show Franchise Expo West next month to promote its franchising option, which Tan said is a timely decision. “With the recent UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) announcement on global warming,” Tan said, “now is the best time to turn over a new leaf, dodge the beef, and switch to a plant-based burger.”  Earlier this month, VeganBurg announced plans to open franchise locations in Indonesia with a specific focus on Jakarta.

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