This week, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams launched the Clergy Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, a 12-week program to educate faith leaders about the wellness benefits of a plant-based diet. The initiative is being implemented in partnership with The Brooklyn Hospital group of Brooklyn clergy, and 13 clergy members across various faiths have committed to participating. “Our faith leaders are in a unique position to support [our] mind, body, and soul,” Adams said. “By modeling healthy behaviors and guiding their congregations in wellness and spirit, they have the opportunity to restore hope for those struggling with their health.” In 2016, Adams transitioned to veganism after nearly losing his vision and incurring nerve damage due to type 2 diabetes—symptoms he says disappeared after three months of consuming a whole foods, plant-based diet. “I’m excited to welcome members of Brooklyn’s clergy on this health journey so they, too, can experience the transformative power of food and share it with their members.” Adams has been a vocal advocate for the vegan lifestyle during his term. Earlier this year, Adams spearheaded an initiative with NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue medical system to introduce the groundbreaking Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program, which has the capacity to treat up to 100 patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and high cholesterol with a plant-based diet instead of prescription medication. In November, Adams will host a “Vegan and Veg-Curious Meetup” to kick off his Jumpstart Your Health initiative that challenges Brooklynites to eschew animal products for 10 days.

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