This week, produce company Dole unveiled the vegan Grilled “Not” Dog recipe, which it created in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Disney character, Mickey Mouse. The vegan hot dog features Dole’s carrots, that are spiced and baked to serve as a replacement for meat. The recipe is part of the #DoleHero campaign that features a total of 19 recipes—which includes several vegan dishes, such as a fish-free Mushroom Rockafeller—that celebrate Dole’s long-standing collaboration with Disney. “Dole and Disney have a rich history of working together toward happier, healthier families, and encouraging kids of all ages to eat better and be more active,” Dole director of communications William Goldfield said. “Since our relationship has always centered on the intersection of fun and food, we knew we wanted to celebrate Mickey’s 90th in a big way.” Vegan-friendly Dole Whip soft serve is available at Disney parks and resorts worldwide.

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