Singing sad clown Mike Geier (known professionally as “Puddles Pity Party”) revealed during a rare interview recently that he is vegan. Speaking with Iowa-based publication Little Village Magazine, the shy, 6’ 8’’ performer discussed his headlining show at Witching Hour Festival in Iowa City next week. “I have some great friends from Iowa City, Marshalltown, and Davenport,” Geier said. “And, although I’m vegan, I’m intrigued by the pie shake at the Hamburg Inn.” The clown usually pantomimes to communicate, but on stage, his singing voice is an impressive baritone that fellow vegan musician DJ Khaled praised during the clown’s surprising audition performance—when he sang “Chandeliers” by vegan singer Sia—on reality show America’s Got Talent, albeit with the recommendation that Geier cheer up. Geier revealed that some of his favorite beings on the planet are cats, dogs, and Kevin Costner, before explaining that he is not a typical horror movie clown. “I don’t know why only scary clowns get all the press. There are plenty of non-scary clowns out there,” the vegan clown said. “I’m a hugger, not a mugger! My show is all about acceptance. Unconditional support for all. And sing-alongs!”