Vegan Chain Veggie Grill Expands to NYC

The California-based chain continues its eastward expansion with Just Egg burritos and Beyond Burgers in tow.


Vegan chain Veggie Grill will open its first New York City location in the Flatiron neighborhood in spring 2019. Veggie Grill raised $22 million in 2016 in investment capital and announced plans to expand nationwide. It now operates 31 locations across California, Washington, Illinois, and Oregon. Veggie Grill—a favorite of newly vegan director Kevin Smith—has been the first to add coveted new vegan products to its menu which features dishes such as burgers, plant-based Buffalo wings, and Gardein chicken-topped bowls. “The expansion of Veggie Grill to the East Coast could not come at a better time,” Veggie Grill CEO Steve Heeley said. “Plant-based food and clean eating continue to be a growing trend, especially in big cities, so New York City is a very exciting opening for us and we look forward to joining the community there.” In 2016, Veggie Grill added the then unknown Beyond Burger to its menu and followed up with Beyond Sausage when it became available this year. In July, Veggie Grill was the first chain to add mung bean-based egg replacer JUST Egg to its menu and serves it as a vegan scrambled egg component in its all-day breakfast burrito. In addition to its NYC location, Veggie Grill will expand to Harvard Square in Boston with two additional locations planned in Chicago for coming months.