Vegan Design Studio Launches on World Vegan Day

Mission-driven Harmless Studio aims to reduce animal suffering by helping vegan companies succeed. 

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Design company Harmless Studio will launch on November 1 (World Vegan Day). The company was founded by Harvard Business School graduate Cayla Mäki-Pittman and award-winning multi-disciplinary designer Dave Pittman with the goal of offering a wide range of design services to support vegan brands. “The company is on a mission,” Mäki-Pittman said, “to save lives and reduce animal suffering by helping vegan businesses, products, and services succeed.” Harmless Studio works with clients—from startups to established businesses—to optimize their brand identities to appeal to a growing number of vegan and vegan-curious consumers using the founders’ expertise in graphic, interior, package, and product design. Harmless Studio is currently onboarding new clients and, according to Pittman, accepts, “anyone looking to create or market products and services that don’t harm animals.”

Photo courtesy of Harmless Studio/Instagram

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