Dutch food company Van Geloven—parent company of well-known meat brand Mora—is partnering with The Vegetarian Butcher to launch a new line of meatless products in the Netherlands early next year. Mora, one of the most popular brands in the Netherlands, is known for its frozen meat snacks, hot dogs, and hamburgers. The Vegetarian Butcher—which is transitioning its entire product line to be fully vegan by the end of 2019—is an eight-year-old company that produces more than 40 meatless products. The partnership will allow the two companies to leverage Mora’s brand recognition and The Vegetarian Butcher’s expertise in meatless product development. Together, the two companies have already developed a meatless pulled pork croquette, Bitterballen (a Dutch meat snack), and Kipkorn (a breaded and deep-fried hotdog). “We have launched a large assortment of meat and fish substitutes on the market,” The Vegetarian Butcher Founder Jaap Korteweg told FoodNavigator. “By working together with a snack authority like Mora, we are making vegetarian snacking even better and more accessible.” Starting next week, the meatless croquette will be available at select Netherlands restaurants and, in 2019, the entire line will be launched at supermarkets, cafeterias, catering companies, and gas stations.