Dutch company De Vegetarische Slager (“The Vegetarian Butcher”) will transition to a fully vegan brand by the end of 2019, according to Bloomberg. Currently, approximately 70 percent of the brand’s products are vegan. Founder Jaap Korteweg plans to phase out remaining animal products as the brand’s newly opened “Plant Slaughterhouse” production facility reaches full capacity at 40,000 pounds of vegan meat, daily. In 2011, Korteweg—a 9th generation farmer—partnered with politician Niko Koffeman to launch the company in the Netherlands, which creates meatless sausage, chicken, and beef with a proprietary blend of plant proteins including fava beans. The company currently distributes its products to 70 countries and made a gross profit of $29 million last year. While the original Vegetarian Butcher shop is currently closed until 2020 due to street renovations, the Vegetarian Butcher Restaurant serves lunch and dinner in historic city, The Hague. Until then, Korteweg is working on a number of innovations, including creating a vegan product that mimics steak and counter-top machines that “print” vegan meats.

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