This year’s annual, week-long Parliament of World Religions conference, which begins tomorrow in Toronto, will feature a vegan buffet—the first time a fully plant-based menu has been offered in the event’s 100-year history. “The Promise of Inclusion and the Power of Love” event will treat 300 religious leaders from around the world to vegan food made with Good Dot meat alternatives prepared by chef and author of The 40 Year Old Vegan Sandra Sellani. The vegan buffet was spearheaded by animal-rights organization In Defense of Animals (IDA) to help religious leaders extend their compassion toward all living beings. “When the power of love and non-violence is extended to all sentient beings by the religious leaders of the world, then we will have a real chance to end violence, war, poverty, many diseases, and environmental destruction,” IDA President Marilyn Kroplick, MD said. ”We are starting by helping compassionate people better understand how spiritual health and social harmony are connected to our treatment of animals and our food choices.” The event will also feature IDA’s Interfaith Vegan Coalition educational booth where guests can explore the “Religion and Animals” exhibit curated by Animals and World Religions author and professor Lisa Kemmerer. Guest will also view a trailer for new documentary A Prayer for Compassion directed by filmmaker Thomas Jackson. Stateside, vegan Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams is also encouraging faith leaders to eschew animal products through his Clergy Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, a 12-week program that promotes plant-based eating for optimal physical and spiritual health.