A recent study by nonprofit organization Good Food Institute (GFI) indicated that nearly 60 million Brazilians—approximately 30 percent of citizens—are actively reducing their consumption of animal products or already identify as vegetarian. The study, which was conducted on 9,000 participants to understand consumer attitudes toward plant-based products in Brazil, showed that 76 percent consider reducing consumption of animal products a positive step. For both vegetarians and “reducetarians” in the study, health and concern for animals were the primary factors for transitioning toward a plant-based diet. “Currently, there are few plant-based products available for Brazilian consumers,” Gus Guadagnini, GFI Brazil’s managing director said. “This market represents a tremendous untapped opportunity.” Brazil is currently the world’s fifth largest market for healthy food, but, at the same time, it is home to one of the largest animal agriculture industries.” [Brazil] represents both an urgent priority and a phenomenal opportunity for food innovation within the plant-based market,” Guadagnini said.

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