Starting today, the windows of 250 LUSH stores across North America will feature fierce competitors from RuPaul’s Drag Race outfitted in looks inspired by the brand’s vegan Christmas product line. From today until November 11, Kim Chi will grace store windows with a “cheery” look inspired by pink holiday bath bombs, star-shaped bath melts, and Sleepy shower gel. From November 12 until November 20, Detox will promote blue- and orange-hued products—including LUSH’s pear-shaped soap and soy yogurt-based Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble Bar—with her “dripping luxury” look. “My look is a little vintage and nostalgic,” Detox said. “Kind of like [a] 50s glamour housewife hosting a holiday party … with LUSH products.” Shea Couleé will finish the holiday series from November 21 to December 6 with a “classic Christmas” look inspired by candy cane- and Santa-shaped bath bombs. The drag queens will make personal in-store appearances this month to promote the partnership. Kim Chi will be at the Westfield Shopping Center LUSH location in Los Angeles on November 9, Detox will appear at LUSH Union Square in New York City on November 17, and Shea Couleé will meet and greet fans at LUSH on Michigan Avenue in Chicago on November 30. In addition to fighting against animal testing, standing up for trans rights, and advocating for ethical-sourcing practices through its ingredient supplier policies, the brand is also working to promote waste-free practices within the beauty industry. Earlier this month, LUSH opened its first “naked” store in Berlin—following a June opening of a similar store in Milan—where products are sold unpackaged and customers are urged to use environmentally friendly alternatives to plastics.