Television personality Padma Lakshmi is urging Top Chef producers to innovate future seasons by featuring more vegan food. “I would really like to do more vegetarian or vegan recipes. I keep trying to propose, ‘Let’s do a whole vegetarian season,’ and everybody looks at me like I’m crazy,” Lakshmi told Us Weekly. “Like, I’m on some other planet because this is America and we know that meat and potatoes are the heart of any table, but I persist about it.” While not vegan herself, Lakshmi revealed in 2015 that she consumes a plant-based diet to recover from the rigorous Top Chef filming schedule. “We want the show to remain exciting and new and fresh,”  Lakshmi said of the 16th season of Top Chef, which takes place in Kentucky and premieres on Bravo on December 6.

Photo courtesy of Bravo 

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