This week, magazine Popular Science named vegan JUST Egg as one of the 100 best innovations of 2018 in its 31st annual “Best of What’s New” awards. The team at technology startup JUST spent several years developing the mung bean-based liquid egg replacer—which outsold traditional liquid egg brand Egg Beaters at a major retailer within its first week on shelves. “Americans love eggs,” the magazine captioned a photo of a JUST Egg sandwich. “Domestic McDonald’s stores alone burn through about 2 billion a year. But production creates a load of greenhouse gas and can be brutal for chickens.” The vegan egg replacer is on the list among other breakthrough innovations such as three-foot-tall Spot (a robotic dog created by Boston Dynamics that climbs stairs, dances, and opens doors) and theme park Cedar Point’s newest wood-and-steel roller coaster Steel Vengeance. “This collection shapes our future, helps us be more efficient, keeps us healthy and safe, and lets us have some fun along the way,” Popular Science Editor in Chief Joe Brown said. This week, Time named JUST Egg one of its top 10 smartest sustainable products of 2018. Another vegan product, Beyond Meat’s porkless Beyond Sausage, appeared on Time list of top innovations of 2018 last month.

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