Canadian vegan outerwear company Wuxly recently launched a trade-up program that allows customers to trade in their fur, fur-trim, or down-filled jackets—which are donated to homeless shelters and animal rehabilitation centers. In exchange, participants receive up to $275 credit toward a new Wuxly vegan parka. The program is meant to encourage those who bought a jacket made from animals to trade it for an animal-free alternative. “The Live Warm Trade-Up Program is at the core of our mission of living warm, both inside and out,” Wuxly CEO James Yurichuk told VegNews. “Through the program, we are able to donate jackets to those in need, provide an animal-friendly winter jacket alternative, and it allows us to embrace our Canadian roots by partnering with homeless shelters throughout Canada. We aim to help by incentivizing people to see that animal-free is the warmest way to go.” Those who want to participate in the program can do so in person or by mailing their jackets to the company after it has been appraised by Wuxly via email. Yurichuk, a former professional football player, founded Wuxly in 2012 with an aim to create an ethical company that provides warm, animal-free alternatives for the coldest weather conditions.

Photo courtesy of Alexandre Paskanoi

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