Grocery chain Whole Foods Market released its “Top 10 Food Trends for 2019,” which predicted that “faux meat snacks” will be one of the biggest emerging consumer trends of next year. The remainder of Whole Foods’ report highlighted several vegan-friendly trends, including plant-based ice creams made with innovative bases (such as the avocado-based Cado line) and foods that feature high-fat and low-carb profiles (such as Forager’s cashew-based vegan yogurts). “Plant-based foods will continue to surprise and inspire—this year taking on the meat-based snacking world of jerkies and pork rinds you may associate with the corner store and road trips,” Whole Foods stated in its report. “While plant-based foods aren’t exactly a new trend, our experts noted more people—even those who don’t eat only vegan or vegetarian—are exploring plant-based snacking as their palates crave adventure, want a break from meat, or seek more ways to add savory umami flavors into snacks and meals.” The supermarket chain recommended several products to satisfy meatless snacking cravings, including vegan Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips created by new company Outstanding Foods which was founded by David Anderson (former Beyond Meat chef and co-founder of food technology startup JUST).