Adults-only cruise ship Scarlet Lady—the first cruiseliner created by Virgin Voyages, a subsidiary of Richard Branson-owned Virgin Group—will set sail in 2020 with a vegan-friendly restaurant onboard. “Razzle Dazzle is the place where your vegan friend, your carnivorous friend, your vegetarian friend, and your friend who hasn’t bought groceries in two years can all enjoy their favorite dish,” the company advertises. Twice during every voyage, the restaurant will also hold an entertaining Drag Brunch. Scarlet Lady is also being developed with sustainability-focused measures, including a ban on single-use plastics and wasteful buffet-style dining. Virgin partnered with Swedish firm Climeon to turn the ship’s engine heat into electricity and with Norwegian firm Scanship to convert its organic waste into clean energy. Last month, Virgin announced that the ship would also feature onboard tattoo studio Squid Ink that only uses ink provided by vegan company World Famous Tattoo Ink.

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